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Let yourself be guided by our passion for great whisky and our love of beauty to discover the taste of our exceptional grain whiskies.

Numerous lighthouses and observatories safeguard the 10.250 miles of Scottish coastline, each overlooking the rugged beauty of the shores. It’s these observatories that inspired our master blenders for their brand of exceptionally matured single grain whiskies. Likewise, they are overlooking raw beauty which they turn into the finest aged whisky with expertise, care, and time. Lots of time. Discover our products and share a glimpse of their vision with every sip.

Grain whisky

Most whisky lovers are familiar with single malts, but few are aware of the exceptional quality of well-aged single grain whiskies. This whisky category holds some hidden treasures with taste profiles that appeal to both connoisseurs and newcomers alike. After careful selection, a lengthy and well controlled aging process on different barrels, some grain whiskies can truly compete with more known single malts. As a guiding light, The Observatory invites you to discover this currently underexposed segment and taste the easy-going elegance and profound taste of grain whisky.

During the aging process, whisky comes into contact with the wood of the oak barrels, and develops its distinctive taste. The flavours are filtered so the whisky develops its smoothness. Careful aging from 10 years and up results in smooth whiskies with a distinctive buttery mouth and notes of vanilla, with a balanced dryness. Just like the more familiar single malts, the best grain whiskies develop an exceptional smoothness and well bound tasting profile, after the right aging. Typically, grain whiskies benefit from a slightly longer time in the cask. An aging of 20-25 years yields exceptional results. Our master blenders carefully guide the aging process to determine the sweet spot of each lot.

An aging of 20-25 years yields exceptional results.

Guiding you
to what's good

Just as lighthouses oversee the rugged beauty of Scotland's coastline, The Observatory also observes the beauty that surrounds us every day. The aesthetic pleasures of architecture, timeless design and natural beauty never fail to inspire us.

We’d like to share that inspiration with you. In our whisky and in all our communication. Follow us on Instagram and let The Observatory guide you towards great taste.

Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them. — David Hume