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The observatory
20 years

The Observatory 20 years is the most easygoing expression of our single grains. Elegant, balanced yet full and round this is the ultimate sipping dram to share with good company or keep all for yourself.


Grain whisky typically benefits from slightly longer aging. Our well-balanced Observatory 20Y has aged for 20 years in Scotland in re-char bourbon barrels and sherry barrels to develop its smooth and silky roundness, that makes this a very drinkable whisky with a decent amount of complexity to appeal to any afficionado.


Our 20Y holds aromas of creamy vanilla, buttery toffee, ripe summer berries and just a zing of citrus zest. Smooth with a well-balanced sweetness and a medium dry mouth.

How to drink

To fully enjoy the taste we recommend to drink the Observatory 20Y neat or with a drop of water.
If you prefer cocktails, our 20Y is best suited for timeless classics such as an Old Fashioned or Rob Roy.

Grain whiskies benefit from slightly longer aging, resulting in exceptional smoothness.

The observatory
25 (fall 2022)

For the most premium expression of the Observatory, Stephanie McLeod has selected only the best 25 year old barrels of Single Grain Whisky. Blessed by age, this beauty competes with great single malts of its age. Available as of fall 2022. Check our Instagram account for updates on the exact release date.

The delicate smoothness of 25 years of aging is unmatched